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Marzena Kula - Owner


My name is Marzena Kula, and I have been running Sunbed Studio in Killarney since 2013. In my tanning salon, I emphasize the quality of tanning lamps and cleanliness. In accordance with HSE regulations, individuals who appear youthful will be asked to present proof of being over 18 years old each time. If no ID is provided, we will unfortunately have to refuse our services. Please note that this is in compliance with the law. Additionally, please be aware that small children should not be left unattended, and our staff are not obliged to watch over your children while the parent uses the tanning equipment. For obvious reasons, a child cannot be in the cabin during a tanning session.

If you have any questions, feel free to call me at 08-77-10-66-00 or send me an email at

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Last customer 20 minutes before closing.

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Our salon is located in Killarney at Woodlands Industrial Estate. We are waiting for you!